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Egnedol Limited (“EGD”) was formed as an amalgamation of six different existing companies and unique patented technologies to provide Green Efficient Energy Solutions and Value Recovery on existing everyday environmental issues.

EGD has a range of cutting edge state of the art patented and patent pending Green Technologies producing Green Energy and Green Fuels utilizing diverse feedstocks like Biomass, Recovered Biomass, Plastics and metals. All these technologies are commercially proven with tens of thousands of hours of commercial operation. Special attention is placed on continuous research and development and partnerships with leading Universities to develop and bring the series of unique innovations to commercial life. EGD thus focuses on commercially and environmentally sustainable development reducing the Global Carbon footprint and producing Green Jobs in the areas it operates.


EGD’S business model in short involves the following: 1) Acceptance of Feedstock in raw form; 2) Autoclave-assisted separation of materials (if needed); 3) Drying of biomass (RDF) with dryers operating on waste heat generated from process; 4) Conversion of biomass (RDF) into syngas using advanced gasification process; 5) Conversion of syngas into clean recyclable electricity using Jenbacker generators or gas turbines; 6) Selling the electricity to the local or national power grid; OR 7) Conversion of Syngas into Green Recyclable Liquid Fuel (Diesel) , 8) Selling the fuel to the market.


EGD Projects can be secured through an AA- rated (S&P or Moody’s) Insurance wrap (if needed), and run by an accredited and rated O&M operator offering baseline capacity guarantees which will result in a baseline guaranteed yearly income per project by the insurance wrap. This will allow significant financial returns to investors with extraordinary EBITDA, EBITDA margins and IRR which translates to dividends and returns.


EGD is in the process of identifying strategic business partners and suitable projects to develop its business in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


A revised description of our VISION, patented technologies, target markets and current  projects will be available soon  on our secure website.


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